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Resizing the browser window - some issues!

  1. So, I thought I'd got things the way I wanted at

    Then I tried resizing the browser window. Disaster! The sidebar floats across beautifully, but the main body of the text stays resolutely put.

    Any ideas?

    I'm working from the Sandbox 2-column theme.

  2. I'm afraid I am CSS-illiterate at the moment, but thought I should tell you that is/was/will be a beautiful layout, once you get the problem solved. Right now, though, it looks to be about twice as wide as my monitor.

  3. Ooh, that's bad. I'm glad you like the layout though.

  4. Okay. I'm trying changing the widths and margins to percentages rather than pixels. I'm going to bed now, but if anyone has any other useful suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

  5. Is it possible to make the content column a fixed size and the sidebars float? I know techies will lose bowel control at the thought, but your sidebars are a lower priority than the content, and as long as people can see the first bit of the sidebar entry, they can figure out whether or not to click on it.

    I'd set your right margin to zero, because it's what seems to be causing the problem.

  6. Looks ok to me but the TEXT is too painful to read.

  7. The CSS positioning scheme is a train wreck. The meta info below each post spills over under the sidebar.

  8. Raincoaster - I think that was the problem. The content column was a fixed size and the sidebar kept floating across it! The percentage widths seem to be helping but I haven't had time to sort out all the issues.

    Knoizki - I know there's a problem with the font and I'm deciding what to do about it.

    Atthe404 - I'm not sure what you hoped to achieve with that comment. Just telling someone they've done something badly doesn't help them improve.

  9. Well I am trying to get you to see and understand what is really happening on your blog. Only then can you move on to fixing it.

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