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Resizing YouTube videos

  1. Is there a way to resize either the YouTube player or YouTube videos when I embed them on my site?

  2. Simple answer? No.

    This is a blogging site, not video editing.

    You might be able to use the width/size html attributes, but I doubt it.


  3. I don't even think you can resize them over at YouTube. (Looking at the FAq now myself.)

  4. This is a blogging site, not video editing.

    - What a churlish remark!

    Resizing the video is a very legitimate request. The large YouTube display of videos lowers the quality of videos that actually have smaller image sizes. And it is fair to expect that the maker of the video will have chosen the image size based on the length of the video and overall file size generated! So, having it suddenly enlarged out of all proportions is not very nice.

    I noticed that the embed code (which we can't use on WordPress) generated by YouTube does include the width and height parameters. There must be a way to incorporate those...?

    Interestingly when playing the video on the YouTube site itself there is a resize button in the bottom righ-hand corner that resets it to the original size, but that feature of course is lost when copy pasting just the url.

  5. What a churlish remark!

    It's true though. A video display option does not exist with the basic WordPress or WordPressMu packages. Matt and crew went back and added it in here.

    I'm not sure which video plugin they are using here. The one I'm thinking they are using though has the sizes pretty much hard coded in as variables at the beginning of the script. And since YouTube themselves default to the 400 x 300 size themselves....

  6. Ah, well, thanks for the reply, drmike....

  7. *chuckle* Nice idea though for those who remember that we still have people on dial up. Of course that's an issue around here. :)

  8. isn't it mean that the themes I can use are very limited.


  9. That depends on if you want to post videos from youtube or not!

    I don't on here so don't have a problem with theme width...

  10. Well google video fits the theme I chose. I am going to use that!

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