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    Okay for the newbie in me I love the comments that are coming to my site. I would love to respond to them just like in the forums format. Is that possible? What is the best way to correspond with people leaving comments on my blog?



    i dont think so. you just simply exchange comments on each other’s profile.

    come and drop by mine


    You can post comments on your blog in response to other comments, just as if you were leaving a comment on another blog. If you are logged in, there will even be a visual difference between your comments and those left by others so they will know you are the blog owner.

    To make your comments appear right below theirs, you can edit the timestamp of your reply so that it will appear below their comment.

    Another way is to include their “name” at the beginning of your comment so they know you are responding to them. In blogs, typically the name would be preceded by ‘@’. Example:

    @pjlo, thank you very much for your comment and I could not agree more….



    @tsp-I think that visual differentiation for blog owner comments depends on the theme being used. I know that in Cutline, my responses look exactly the same as those of my visitors.

    @pjlo-The advantage to replying as tsp mentioned is that if that commenter is a user and is logged in when they comment, your new comment will show up in their Dashboard>My comments section. It makes it very easy to follow the “conversation”.



    And it shows up in the comments widget. People love to see activity there.

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