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    Which functionality in Jetpack is currently responsive, which not, and when will the rest be responsive?

    I am thinking immediately of Youtube embedding, but I I am also running it on a BuddyPress site [not with a responsive theme and would like to use more functionality.

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks for your question. I will get back to you as soon as I have the information you’re looking for.



    The Jetpack developers suggest activating the features you’re interested in, and then letting us know if something doesn’t work as you expect in terms of responsiveness. They are very open to feedback on what could work better. Thanks.


    Thanks for following up Kathy. Well, I guess the fist thing is media. I haven’t tested all of them but certainly YouTube embedding is not responsive. Are there plans to make it so since now I have to use a separate plugin to achieve that in addition to Jetpack.



    I’ll look into this and let you know.



    I have to use a separate plugin to achieve that

    Would you mind letting me know which plugin you’re using for this? Thanks.


    I am using Artiss YouTube Embed version 2.6.2.
    It was written by David Artiss.



    Thank you for that information – I will pass it along!



    According to our developers, both the core WordPress YouTube embeds – i.e. pasting the bare link in a post – and the Jetpack shortcode are responsive.

    If you are seeing a display on either of those embeds that isn’t responsive, could you let us know exactly what you mean so we can investigate? Feel free to upload a screenshot or two if it might be helpful to see what you mean, and let us know which device and app were used on each. Thanks very much.

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