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Responsive theme?

  1. Hi there, I am trying to help a friend design a site using the Responsive theme but I can't seem to find it to use?? Is it still available? Cheers, Jess

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The Responsive theme is not available on
    It is available only on
    Did you know that there are different distinct and separate versions of WordPress?

  3. It is a really very nice theme, though, with lots of different sidebars, home page alerts, and page templates. And the designer provides great support for it.

  4. Hi 1tess... thanks v much for your reply. Okay, no I wasn't aware.. So can I use to create a site? Is it similar in the way it works?

  5. Yes, and no. You have to pay for a domain name and pay for a host. The software from WordPress.ORG is free. And that specific theme, Responsive is free. But if things go wrong, or you don't know how to do something, then it can be more complicated than being hosted here for free on wp.COM.

    I use that theme at work and it is very nice, but I've had to call on my daughter who is more tech-savy than I am for some help getting the site set up as I (read:boss) like.

    Definitely get Jetpack up and running. Then there are lots of plugins, which can be confusing: which one is best / what if it doesn't work / lots of tech-speak you don't need to know on

    But so far it's all working so, give it a go! Or choose the easier option and stay with wp.COM where all those testy messy stuff is taken care of for you… And of course you'd have to use another theme because Responsive is not available here.

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