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Responsive Theme, how to search

  1. I'm interested in finding examples of websites that use the "Responsive" theme. When you do a search, information about themes that have "responsive" characteristics are shown, not specific information on the Responsive theme. There is only one example on the theme description page. I know that there are lots of websites out there. How do I find them?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi sunangittlen,
    what i'm doing when i'm look for examples is to write on google : Theme: "Customized [theme name] by [theme builder name] "
    as it's appear in the credit line on the bottom.
    Among the results list you will find English sites fits to your request.

  3. "Theme: Customized [theme name] by [theme builder name] "

  4. Yes, this is good advice, and have tried this. When I search this way for "Responsive" I just get articles about responsive type themes, not examples of blogs using "Responsive." It works for other themes.

  5. you can also try the full sentence:
    "Blog at Customized [theme name] by [theme builder name] "

  6. Yes, I did that too! There is so much written about responsive themes, that what I am looking for, is not coming up.

  7. What theme you are looking for ?

  8. @susangittlen
    What exactly is it that you want to determine?

    There are two versions of the theme and one is for WordPress.COM software while the other is for WordPress.ORG software.

    Have you consulted the theme description page?

  9. You can do Google searches for this string
    Blog at | Theme: Responsive by ThemeID

    However, you will have to sort out only the results that apply to the version of the theme. Frankly, I think that's waste to time. I suggest you register another blog and make it private. Then you can test the Responsive theme in it.

  10. I am looking to see blogs that have used the "Responsive" theme to determine if I want to switch themes. By looking at other blogs using a theme, I can get ideas on how what can be done. It's just that with such a generic name, you can't get a good search, unless you are looking for information about responsive type themes in general. There is only example in the writeup about "Responisive." Thanks.

  11. Yes, it was a big waste of time! Been there, done that. So if I try it out in a private blog, is there a way to copy a page into the new blog? Sorry I've never ventured out of my two blogs.

  12. You can copy and paste any blog content on a single page from one blog to a page on another blog.

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