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    is there any way we can disable responsive width in Twenty Eleven or adjust it through CSS? I’ve seen some sites on my iphone that are using Twenty Eleven and their full site comes out. Any help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    I think you may mean you’d like to turn off the mobile theme not that you want to turn off responsive width. However, I checked the Appearance → Mobile page in your blog dashboard and the mobile theme is currently off.

    Were you able to get it looking how you’d like, or do you still need help?



    I still need help with this. I know Twenty Eleven adjust itself to the size of the screen on the device you are using, would like to get it to not be doing that. If that’s possible



    It’s not possible. The theme is a responsive width theme and CSS editing cannot be used to change that. Please choose another theme.


    You can do this, but it will take some work. To remove responsive design from Twenty Eleven using the Custom Design upgrade on, you need to do the following:

    1. Go to Appearance → Custom Design → CSS and check the option that says, “Don’t use Twenty Eleven’s CSS, and replace everything with my own CSS.”

    2. Click the “View the original stylesheet” link and copy all of the original styles.

    3. Edit the styles you copied and convert all the url() functions to have complete URLs starting with http:// For example, “url(images/search.png)” becomes “url(”.

    4. Find the section in the styles labeled “=Responsive Structure” and remove everything from that section.

    5. Save your CSS changes and test the site to make sure everything works as expected.

    Note that this is an advanced CSS change. There are only 5 url() references though, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find those image references and change them out. You can add “” to the beginning of all of those image references to make them work.

    Also, just to note, I wouldn’t recommend removing the responsive design because it’s very helpful when viewing from a small device like a phone.

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