Ressources "" not available anymore?

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    Hi everybody,

    Since some days now, I have a problem on my website and it seems I am not the only one.

    When I try to browse some pages of my website, the following file should be loaded :
    Unfortunately, I am getting an error 404 notifying me that the file doesn’t exists.
    Because of this file which cannot be loaded, the layout of the webpage is not like it’s supposed to be.

    After some researches, I found those 2 posts describing the same problem:

    It seems the folded doesn’t contain what it used to. Did this folder moved or has been deleted and what can we do to fix the problem?

    Thanks in advance,



    I think you are in the wrong place, this is the WordPress.COM support forum, you should seek help here at the WordPress.ORG support Fortin



    I am sorry if I didn’t post on the good forum.

    I posted here since the file missing has the address in the domain “”.

    The website is selfhosted, yet the error doesn’t come from my host but it’s something that used to be provided by the “.com” platform. (Or maybe I am totally wrong?)

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