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Restart with Poetique Photographique? your feedback is needed :)

  1. a few days ago I restarted blogging as for almost 2 months I couldn't find time for it as I was finishing my thesis and working a lot.

    I am currently considering changing the name/logo/forward domain of the blog, but I am still looking for feedback what you think!

    currently the name is "personal perceptions" what is quite lets call it generic or at least not really unique and memorable I think
    I recently found a name that I also quite like "poetique photographique" it is an artificial name and is not grammatically correct in french (as it consists of two adjectives), but I figure that is not the most important thing ;) - in my idea it describes something like poetic photography (as in photography that is expresses something etc.) not necessarily that I have poems on the blog :)

    I already included the logo on the pictures since the restart and it still needs a little work (since it cannot been seen perfectly on all backgrounds ...

    I would appreciate any feedback! Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I would personally stick to 'Personal Perceptions' for two reasons. One is that 'Poetique Photographique' is a bit long in terms of syllables to be memorable. The other is that, as a semi-made up spellings it won't be easily searchable so if you want to get people coming to you via search engines on that title, it probably won't work.

    Apart from that, your images are fabulous and I've subscribed! :)

  3. thank you very much that you took time to feedback - I will definitely consider those good points when I finally decide :)

    and thank you for the compliment as well ;)

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