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Restore reserved URL for which I already have the matching blog name

  1. I registered 2 blogs, and then decided to change one's URL and give it to the other, who has the same name (belleza ruge su sombra) as the URL of the other. Since I discarded, (I didn't know it would dissapear for every user) It now shows as "reserved", it also says "that site already exists" when I try to use it, and as a result, I have the blog name but I cannot have the matching URL now; is there a way of restoring it, considering my blog has the name of the URL I want?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no way of restoring deleted blogs. There are multiple warnings about this througout the deletion process.

  3. raincoaster ... do you mean the CONTENT cannot be restored, or that the blog itself cannot be restored to active (even if empty of content)?

    It seems to me that mamavatar just wanted to juggle blog names. Of course saving content might have been desired, too, but sure, "delete" means GONE.

    mamavatar: ... you would be happy with the blog name reactivated to you, even though empty of all past content (e.g. start over), right?

  4. The CONTENT and the URL cannot be restored.

  5. I can understand why a blog and URL would be permanently unavailable for a long time, or forever, so that someone else cannot come along and take a name. Is this failing for mamvatar because this is a case of different user names that is indistinguishable from some new user trying to take an old blog?

    I'm new here and just wanting to get a grip on some of the concepts. The distinction between a blog and a URL and a user is not yet clear to me how its done here? I'm trying to move my blogs to here and want to be sure I do it right in the context of these different kinds of resources.

  6. He deleted the URL and that is why he cannot get it back now. The URL is the actual address of the blog online, what appears in your browser bar like whereas the name of the blog is raincoaster.

    The best way to do this is not to delete ANYTHING until you're totally sure what you're doing.

  7. If he is really lucky some of the content might be available in the google cache. Do a google search for


    It depends on luck, how long the site was up and how recently it was discarded.

  8. Hi; Raincoaster, the blog isn't deleted, otherwise it wouldn't show as "reserved" when I try to use it. I just found this in a forum from last year: "If and only if the reserved site is the same one as your username ie. the matching blog then you may contact Staff by email [email redacted] to obtain it."( This is exactly my case; I just contacted support, but I don't know if they'll answer. Motre, I don't need the content, that's right, and anyways I didn't delete the other site, just changed the name, in order to use it in my other blog. And the URL, as I said, doesn't show as deleted either; it says that it already exists.

  9. Maybe "deleted" is the wrong word (that was the action). Perhaps a better term is "locked out ... permanently", but they are using "reserved" with the intent to no give out details like which reason it is not available (there could be others besides locked out because of delete).

    I still didn't get the full story on the WP policy on this (I guess I have to go research it myself), but it seems to me that when a blog is deleted, they not only dispose of all the content, but lock out the blog name, too, so that we don't have a situation of people trying to collect "dropped" blogs and do whatever with them.

    I would have done things a bit different had I built a blog hosting site, by allowing the original blog owner to get it back. But even that would not meet your intent to move the block from one owner to another (I would have created a means to do that, and I'm guessing WP might have one somewhere).

    So, hopefully the WP support staff ... err ... happiness engineers ... will see that things match and can do this for you. Hopefully you've consumed the appropriate treat of humble pie (e.g. don't delete if you intend to keep).

  10. This is what Staff (maxmnax) has stated previously:

    Blog names are the same as usernames for the most part. Usernames can be turned into blog names, but blog names cannot be turned into usernames.

  11. And this is what the support documentation states re:
    deleted blogs
    no recycling deleted blog addresses ie. URLs

  12. It's still not clear from that page if they will "reclaim" a deleted URL for the original owner, since the explanations are entirely in reference to a reclaim that would be a different owner.

    I'm guessing now that user names and blog names are really a single name space. That would mean if someone signs up a user name, the equivalent blog name is not available to anyone else but that user.

    I was looking for "move a blog" and got:
    But that only tells how to rename a blog (assuming the new name is available). I also found:
    But even that isn't what I'm looking for (since all linked blogs would follow along). What I'm looking for, and cannot see, is ...

    Assume a username has TWO blogs. Assume the current owner user wants to move ONE of the blogs to a different owner user (and the new owner approves). How is that to be done? I think mamavatar guessed that since the old content was not desired, it would be simple to just delete it under the old ownership, and establish new under the new ownership, being unaware that this is looks exactly like the situation WP wants to avoid the risks of. So I'm looking for the procedure mamavatar should have used to change the ownership of a blog (yup, searched that and didn't find anything new).

    Maybe it's not even possible?

  13. We transfer blog from one username to other in this way not the way you are telling. When you are going to delete a blog it warns you. And you've realized why it warns you.

  14. Yes, I've learned, the hard way, tons of humble pie. But one thing I'm sure of: It isn't true that if you sign up for a username, the equivalent blog name isn't available to anyone else. I used the same name of the URL that is now floating in cyberspace to name my other blog, which has a different URL. I'm guessing the only way will be to register a .com domain somewhere else to be able to use that username..

  15. No, why would it be?

  16. That in reference to Username/blog name? It was in response to some of the things that were said before, by Motre.

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