Restore the Blog of Investigative Journalist John Rappoport

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    This last weekend, WordPress took down the website of an investigative journalist named John Rappoport – without warning or reason. This is another of countless examples of censorship of free speech.

    This is an age where we all have the ability to research things for ourselves and come to the realization of how things truly are. Why would WordPress attack such a noble endeavor if they are not covering for much larger crimes?

    Taking away someones right to expression and freedom of thought is a tactic used to suppress alternative perspectives. Perspectives that many need, in order to understand the lies they have been told all their lives. We are at a pivotal time in our history and it is what we do now with our individual rights that will tell the story. It’s who and what we spoke out against and who we stand up for.

    I stand for TRUE free speech! For if what people like John Rappoport say is not true, what have you to fear by allowing him to continue? WordPress – STOP giving into fear and to what you are told to do and operate with some integrity and honor. Removing this great man’s blog is disgraceful and an egregious over-reach of authority on a platform where you can (supposedly) speak your mind.

    John Rappoport works for individual awareness. He seeks to inform people and to teach people how to think logically, for themselves; to question, seek and find answers. How is this worthy of such blatant Orwellian tactics of suppression?

    Restore John Rappoport’s blog, immediately – for it was removed without cause, warning or explanation. This is called CENSORSHIP.

    You’ve a choice to make, WordPress – and it’s a big one: Who and what do you stand for? Make your choice. I hope you side with the people and individual liberty.



    That blog has been suspended for violating the TOS. As very clear stated on the suspended site, only the owner is able to restore his blog. Also suspended sites are never discussed on this public forum.


    @staartmees said it all. Closing thread.

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