Restrict Blogs I follow widget to *some* blogs I follow in Reader

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    Sorry if this is repeated elsewhere, I did try to search the archives and support but to no avail. I’ve added this to the Widget forum though the issue may straddles the WP Reader page as well.

    I have a couple of sites and follow several blogs; some are professional, some are personal and the WordPress reader takes all those that are Atom or RSS and displays them in one place. So far so good.

    However, the ‘Blogs I Follow’ widget just picks them all up and I can’t work out how to filter in just the ones relevant to that site.

    Is there a way to filter them, or should I just ditch the widget and manually add as Links and use tags?

    The blog I need help with is



    Is there a way to filter them

    I can’t see one here, can you?
    In other words, the answer is no. :)



    I needed a temporary fix ASAP, so I added all the blogs into my Links and then used that.

    I’d still rather use the ‘Blogs I follow’ widget, so I’m still after a fix and was wondering if anyone else had found a way around this limitation.

    Seems bizarre that one hand WP wants us all to use the Reader, but then thinks I want the same blogs listed on every single blog – personal, professional, or corporate – under my remit.



    The blogs I follow widget is not designed to do what you want to do. Are you clear on that?



    Yes, I appear to have found its fundamental limitation and have also found a somewhat clunky way to get around it.

    However, I would suggest that this could be addressed in a future update/release – hopefully some Product Owner will add the story somewhere.



    That’s a great idea to be able to choose which blogs appear in the widget. Please feel free to post it in the Ideas Forum.

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