Restrictions on offensive content?

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    I recall reading somewhere that wordpress might stop submitting blogs with offensive content to search engines. Or that wordpress would somehow restrict blogs consdiered offensive. I now cannot find any reference to this.

    Is this true – will wordpress place any restriction on blogs deemed offensive?

    If so, what might be deemed offensive?

    A recent entry on my blog contained the sentence “Twee nonsense sung by an annoying twit”. What I originally posted was “Twee nonsense sung by an annoying tw*t”. The asterix is probably a perochial affectation that may be lost on people not from the UK. This line appeared on the google search so I hastily changed “tw*t” to “twit”. I would much prefer to keep “tw*t” but do not want any restrictions placed on my blog for the sake of an i.

    Is there the remotest possibility that wordpress would restrict a blog that contained the line “Twee nonsense sung by an annoying tw*t”?

    The blog I need help with is



    We do not stop any search engine from indexing any blog

    twit / twat – write whichever suits :)
    (I’m in the UK)

    IF a blog is marked Mature:
    – it does not appear in sitewide tags
    – it does not appear in search
    – it does not appear in Blogs of the Day
    – it does not appear in any ‘Next blog’ feature.

    As for what is offensive, language generally isn’t. I think there are a couple of blogs markd Mature because of language but they tend to use all the swear words very freely. So you have to work hard to get that one.

    Write what you need, sometimes * just doesn’t work and you need the real deal :)


    Thanks for clearing that up Mark.


    Thank you too… I was worried about every day language, not that I use it but I might do…

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