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Resume: Include your blog?

  1. Well, have you included your blog on your resume? Or it's just going to give the wrong impression of you? Or irrelevant?

    Do tell.

    Well, I have included one of my blogs which of course prospective employers could trace me through to my other ones. This is another reason why I don't choose to be overly controversial. But then again, some people just don't like cyclists....which is what my blog is about. Cycling.

    I included it in the the end for the following reasons:

    *just a simple demonstration of yet another content management tool I use --in addition to other way more complex software platforms for mega-content management systems for large and small organizations

    *that I used my time during months of job searching by learning a new skill

    Did prospective employers take notice? Yea sure. It was brought up at the end as an opener to less job related comments.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Depends on the job but I wouldn’t unless grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. are edited very well. Your blog is fantastic. But when I just read the first sentence of your latest post, I already find 2-4 mistakes that could use editing. I say this with love, as I am constantly editing... ;-)

  3. It depends on the blog and the job. I'm finding as I'm looking for journalism jobs, my ten years old archive of print articles is more valuable than my blog, because they're all terrified I'll be "too bloggy."

  4. Hey, noted gigi. I didn't write the latest post and get into arguments with the author, my partner. I'm not kidding you --over some blatant errors which he feels it's part of his "style".

    as I'm looking for journalism jobs, my ten years old archive of print articles is more valuable than my blog, because they're all terrified I'll be "too bloggy."

    I would agree raincoaster. Articles in newsletters and magazines are written way more tightly in sentence structure and are highly focused on the subject. Every attempt is to be economical in word usage because one is paid per word.

    I'm not paid for these articles on this organization's blog but I do try to be shorter in length:

    I do reference my writing from this blog in a resume for several reasons --including the fact that this blog has a well-defined purpose to reach to both locals and international readers.

  5. theinsanityaquarium

    I agree with the above posters, it would totally depend on the job you were applying for as all CVs should be tailor-made to a specific company, if possible. For example, if I were applying for a posistion where writing was scarcely important, I would use the space on my resume to fill it with more relevant information.

    However, I also think it's good to give examples of your abilities and creativity wherever you can- so it's really a question of whether the employer would be interested/offended/indifferent to the content of your blog and what it says about you, and whether you consider this to be a worthy example of your abilities.

  6. I'm only asking because some people do have blogs that would truly bewilder prospective employers.

    I am not so sure it's that easy to mask one's identity after all --there's increasingly tight connections amongst the Internet tools --web, FB, twitter, listserves, forums, etc.

  7. I would not include my blog. My blog doesn't have anything to do with the job. Neither is it adding to my skills. I personally don't like resumes that aren't snipped-snipped to the precise necessary details. If I could, I might include - 'blogging' under 'Hobbies' and leave the name of the blog. But I don't see myself doing that.
    I would, however, jump up and tell them about my blogs during the interview. They say, they want to see in an interview all that isn't on the resume. So hey, better keep this card tucked in and dazzle them in the interview, lol.

  8. does indeed bewilder most potential employers; they like though. Blogs that are focused on professional topics, rather than magazine-style blogs, are more likely to add to a job application rather than distract from it. I'd definitely include in any blog job applications, though, because the numbers and style are what most blog editors are looking for, unless again it's a narrowly focused blog.

  9. Unless you feel your prospective employer would be impressed with every line and link and comment on your blog, don't reveal it. If they're interested enough in you, they'll go digging for online stuff on their own.

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