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    A photographer gave me permission to use her photos in my blog post. I copied the link and pasted it in to my post, breaking the link.
    I visited my blog, as I was ready for a new post- and discovered that in my previous post, in place of photos, I had big Flickr symbols and a line that said “this photo is currently unavailable.” I visited my photographers site and she has removed those particular photos from her photostream. I’m almost positive that she didn’t mean for her actions to effect me- but was just doing some rearranging on her end.
    Is there a better way for me to use photos that won’t put me at risk of this happening in the future? Should I be asking that I can have a copy for my hard drive and then paste them in?
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    The blog I need help with is


    Yes it’s always better to upload images from your computer instead of inserting images hosted elsewhere.
    One reason is you don’t risk losing them if they are removed or relocated (as you found out).
    Another reason is that the more such objects you dispaay on your page, the slower the it will load.
    Third reason: you get better quality if you downsize copies of the images in an image editing application and upload those copies instead of letting WP do the resizing. See here:



    Thanks very much. That is immensely helpful.
    I did talk with the photographer and she did remove the photos, as she doesn’t have a professional account and is only allowed so much space on Flickr to display her work.
    So glad I found this out now rather than later- or lots more back-pedaling.



    Related question as I back-pedal :)
    I have been seeking permission from each photographer before publishing- then I do as I described above (copy, link, paste, break link). Will my new strategy now be to ask each photographer to send me a copy of the photo? I don’t see how to save photos to my computer from Flickr… which is interesting because I think people “steal” them all the time. Is there another way to grab them once I have received permission. When I right click- save to is not an available option.
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