Retrieving removed Widgets – How to?

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    I accidently removed a text widget from my blog sidebar. Can I somehow retrieve the content, or is gone for good?

    The blog I need help with is


    If you removed it to the “inactive widget” area (at the bottom) then yes, you can just drag it back over and into the sidebar. If clicked the “remove” link or dragged it back over to the “available widgets” area then no.



    Cheers. I simply clicked in “remove.” So it’s gone for good.


    I’m afraid so. I always paste all my text widget contents into a plain text file for safe keeping and save it to my computer hard drive since I’ve lost text widget contents before and decided that that would not happen again – unless I forget to save it to the text file.


    You asked again here:

    If you provide the info I asked for, we may be able to retrieve it.

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