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    I can’t work out how to add space before and after the border of a blockquote.
    My currently leading post will show you what I mean …

    The blog I need help with is



    Try adding this to your CSS:
    .wf-active blockquote { margin: 25px; }


    I said it wrong. Sorry. :-}
    I should’ve written WITHIN THE BLOCKQUOTE.
    Sighh … Beat me – go on. ;-)

    .wf-active blockquote {
    margin: 25px;

    I’m using ANYWAY! – thanks a lot!



    If you want to add spacing within the blockquote then add this to the previous line of CSS:
    .wf-active blockquote {padding: 25px; }


    C’est fait.
    That worked – with a small extra action needed: I had to indent the text twice, so as to retain the big double quotes without their being over-written by the text! Che strano …
    Thank you VERY MUCH, anamelio – your help is enormously appreciated!


    Actually, this business of having to indent the text within the blockquote is rather annoying, as it has to be played with every time.
    Some addition code to not only add the spacing within the bq’s frame, head and tail, so as to ensure the text doesn’t run over the nice big quotes mark? – that would be welcomed with shrieks of joy …


    And this one (latest post) simply won’t move! I wish to all the gods there was some consistency …
    So I really do need help with this, as what I thought was a simple workaround no longer exists.
    I thank you in advance …


    Remove this from your latest blockquote
    and then modify the CSS to look like this:

    .wf-active blockquote {
        margin: 25px;
        padding: 25px 25px 25px 80px;

    That puts 80px of left padding. You can adjust as desired for the look you want.


    Now THAT is PRECISELY what I want.
    I’m off to tell the world that Rich Spees is a genius. See ya !
    Thank you.


    You are welcome!

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