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    I am planning on moving to and although I will change the design in the future, right now I want to be able use what I have so far.

    I searched and found that has retro-fitted theme available. Great!

    But then how do I transfer the CSS customization I did?

    If I should post this on .org forum instead of here let me know and I will move it.

    The blog I need help with is


    Probably like this:

    1. Copy the custom CSS into a text file and save as mystyles.css (or whatever).
    2. Via FTP, upload this into the theme along with the other CSS files. (wp-content > themes > [your theme] > css)
    3. Now add a link in your header.php file (or whichever file has the HTML head info) to call in that CSS, after all the other links. It should look like this:
      <link href="<?php echo get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); ?>/my_theme/css/mystyles.css" rel="stylesheet">

    Alternatively, the Jetpack plugin from lets you edit CSS in exactly the same way. Just install it and paste your code in over there.


    I would recommend Jetpack Custom CSS first (the one foomandoonian mentioned).

    Or if you don’t use Jetpack Custom CSS, I would recommend creating a child theme:


    HI Thank you both!
    I am using JetPack and kind-of-sort-of is working ok. A few changes still to go but it is all good. Thanks!

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