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Retro-fitted... Help with header needed please, please, please :)

  1. I just need the header code please and where I should put it :) Thanks (hugs)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    Staff do provide support for CSS editing but it's the weekend so they may not be able to assist you until Monday.

  3. OK, thanks:)

  4. I didn't want to leave you just hanging around and waiting. You're welcome and have a happy weekend.

  5. Thanks timethief, I spent the weekend trying to learn as much as I can about CSS and have decided to strip all the code I copied out and start again just adding the relevant bits I want to change to the blank sheet, fingers crossed I will work better, thanks and I hope your weekend was good too... :)

  6. professoreugene

    Trying to change heading on blog page to new title of novel, but old title still appears in background of header in white characters, and I unable to remove. Any sugg?? Thanks

  7. professoreugene

    professoreugene has solved his own problem. Thanks. Rgds

  8. professoreugene has solved his own problem

    That's great!! :) You should post back what you did to solve the problem if you have time. It sounds like in your case you may have just needed to update the site title in your Settings → General page.

  9. professoreugene

    OK. Thanks for the reminder.
    First I opened the offending page w ith PAGES, then: APPEARANCE | HEADER | HEADER TEXT | Header Text | [Uncheck the SELECT Box that says "Show header text with your image."
    That worked perfectly, first shot.

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