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Retrospectively adding categories to a newly defined Parent category

  1. Hello,

    I have added a Country name as a category for each of my posts, to reflect the country i was visiting when i wrote them.

    The number of countries is growing and i want to make use of sub-categories, to simplify it.

    How do i add for example a Parent category like 'Europe' and then associate posts with categories like 'England' and 'Denmark' to that Parent Category?

    The only way i can see, is to create the Parent Category first and then add additional subcategories - but i want to do it the other way round...

    Many thanks for your help

  2. You should be able to make a new Category "Europe" then go to the Category "England" and choose "Europe" as the new Parent.

  3. Edit: Category "England" and choose "Europe" as the new Parent of "England"

    Then repeat for Spain, France etc.

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