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Return Reply *AFTER* Contact Form?

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    Have read about web forms, so using the approved standard Contact Form. Works fine. However, what I need to be able to do is **AFTER** they complete the form, I need to allow them to jump to another post/page (either's fine).

    I'm playing around now with the jump to, and the paging code -- but they all still display right below the contact form... I don't want that.

    I need a way for users to fill out the contact box... THEN be shown either a link to the certain page, or a jump, or something.

    Thanks in advance

  2. There's no way to do that of which I'm aware. You could put the link underneath the form, as you've discovered, but there's no way to hide it till they fill out the form or automatically bounce them to another page once they've filled it out. You could do it on an independent WP install.

  3. Seriously??

    But... but... (hanging head in despair...)...

    But I just new someone out there had some super duper advanced user tag or code or... or (weeping LOLOL) or SOMETHING...

    Not even like... like... I mean like the JUMP command, only to jump to another post?

    Or a way to **ADD* text beneath the contact form?



  4. Add text beneath the contact form? Sure. Hit Enter to start a new line, and add some text. But it'll be visible before they fill it out. And if you want to direct them to another post, just put a regular link in it.

  5. Something that would pop up AFTER you fill in something requires types of code not allowed in, for security reasons.

  6. Ok.... sigh...


    The "jump page" command is almost exactly it... if only it could reference **another** page/post rather than just farther down on the same page.

    Thanks for all the responses. 8-(

  7. THAT'S IT! THAT'S IT!!!

    Thanks pan... reeeeeally appreciate it.

    (Ok.. will stop gushing now).


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