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    For my new blog, I have been trying out different custom image headers. Each shows up in the media library even if no longer in use. Now, I would like to revert to one of the image headers that I already used. Is it possible to use one from the media library? From what I can see, there is only one choice: “Choose an image from your computer”.



    Well you’ve answered the question yourself: there is only one choice!

    And I don’t see why you should care about that; going to the media library is not simpler than going to your computer.



    Actually it is slightly theme-dependent where the header image is located. The Regulus theme does not upload from the computer, but asks for a URL. In that case the Media Library permalink is quite useful, so you don’t hvae to re-upload the header image.


    @seapax, you will have to reupload the header image.



    I find it rather convenient that all my past image headers for Cutline have been saved to the media library. If I’m somewhere else other than my own computer, I can download and reupload the header I want.

    And, I can also offer my older headers for download without having to reupload them all. :D



    Since I am using MistyLook, which does not offer using a URL to place a header image, the only option really is to (re)upload. Thanks all for the comments.

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