Reuse of deleted free wordpress domain?

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    Hi all, I have registered a free “name” domain and blog that after some time deleted. Now it appears as “authors deleted this blog”. Well, this is all my fault. Anyway. Is there any way to ask it back? Guess I can provide I was the “owner” through registration email or similar?

    Thank you!


    Hi there,

    What is the site URL that you are wanting to retrieve? I see that you deleted a few sites over the last several days.


    Hi! thank you for replying.

    It is one of the first I have made, I think the first one.



    That site belonged to someone else, and it was deleted 5 years ago, unfortunately it cannot be recovered.


    Guess my requiest sounds fishy.
    I am the “someone else” :)
    under previous email georgep********(email redacted)
    I can still provide info or contact under previous email if needed.
    I registered it not older than April 2019 (created) not 5 years old.


    99% sure on previous post (although I remember having it…).
    Can at least ask back?
    It was registered from this account.



    No, when sites are deleted, as mentioned during the confirmation process, the names cannot be re-used. There is a short grace-period, but that first site is well past that.

    Fortunately, was still in that grace period, and has been recovered.


    Yes I can see it now.

    Thank you!


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