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Reusing Blog Name: Is that allowed?

  1. magicoficecream

    Case: I have to two blog: and
    I want to delete the and start another to another WordPress acount.
    Is that allowed? Will that reset the restriction that this blog name is in use?

  2. Don't delete the blog. Once it's gone, it stays gone forever. You can move the blog to another account. I think the process has changed in the past couple of years, so I'll try to get a moderator to help you out.

  3. magicoficecream

    Thanks for the reply mate. I'll just wait for the reply :]

  4. thistimethisspace

    Once a blog address ie. URL has been deleted it cannot be recycled and reused by anyone and that includes the blogger who created and deleted it.

    To completely disassociate two blogs currently registered to the same username we register another username with a different email address, while we are logged out of Then we add the new username as an Admin to the blog we want to transfer to that username, and use this process to transfer the blog to a new username account.

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