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    Hi guys, I have been reading about domain mapping but can’t find the solution to my problem. I would like to have domain mapping but in the other way. I know we can redirect to, but is there any service in the other way, maybe paying something? I would like that a post like:
    could be redirected to
    Is it possible?



    No, it is not possible. WordPress blogs reside on You could display it in an iframe if you know how to code that, though.



    yes, of course, it is possible and, surely, iframes are not needed, at any rate.

    just shell out spare $10/year for the ‘custom domain’ and this .com feature gets your blog redirected in the way you want as well.

    the only downside is that workaround is not officially supported by the automattic and… Blogger does this just for free. for what it worth.


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