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    OK, have been reading the various posts. Using and want to reverse order the posts — oldest first and the newest last. Possible/not possible? If possible, how to set up the system to do so. Thanks in advance.


    The blog I need help with is



    On, all themes show your posts in the same order; there is no option to reverse it.

    You can edit the date/time to change the order, or use the Sticky status to move certain ones at the top.



    I have a suggestion. If you would like your reader’s to read your posts in chronological order then you could create a static page and include the links to all your posts on it in the order you prefer in an index type of format. Although you would have to manually edit the static page and add the link for each new post published this may suit you.
    create page >


    Oh this has finally answered my question if you can’t change sort order for posts. Surely it would not be difficult to add an option when you create a category. I want to add a post that has a monthly program of events. The most recent added will be for the furthest in the future – the one I want to display at the top is for the current month but is the oldest post.
    Thanks @timethief I will probably try your solution.


    Oh but then only the link will display and not the content of the post . . .



    Use a one or two line descriptor on the page so people have a hint about the event.

    Aug 17 – Storm the Store Day – 9am at South-side store
    Aug 24 – Picket Mgrs. home. Noon in the high rent neighborhood.


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    Another option for you is to write your posts about the monthly events as usual and make the current one stick to the top. When the month ends, stick the next one to the top.

    scroll down to read about sticky posts:

    This would be a good solution for you because you want to keep only one post stuck on top at a time. The original poster would soon find post order completely messed up if he/she tried to use stickies to order lots of posts.

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