Reverse the display order of posts in a specific category only

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    I don’t have a self-hosted WordPress blog, and was wondering if there is a way to reverse the post display order of a particular category? I make posts to a specific category, and when the posting sequence is done (maybe in a few months) I’d like to have the posts displayed in the order of oldest first. Anyway to do that?

    The blog I need help with is


    Not really, I’m sorry to say, especially on free hosting on The whole idea about blogging is about having the latest post at the latest time.

    Please don’t mind me if I say this (because sometimes I too want to do what you’re asking for), but displaying oldest-first post is kind of counterintuitive in blogging – but I get your drift.

    Might I suggest a cop-out workaround? Create a static page (maybe called “Archives” or “Index of stories”?) and put in your individual links to your posts in the order that you wish them to be read.

    It’s not a great workaround, but it does work for some people sometimes.

    Hope this answers.


    Thank you very much for your quick response. I had a hunch that there was not a way to do that. I like your idea, however, of a static page with the post entries in the order I want them. Thank you!


    No problem. Might I suggest another workaround? It’s very easy (though hard to describe) and involves you just a little bit more work (once done, done forever).

    If you post your stories under different categories, you can group same-category posts together and set up ‘categorised’ navigation menus so visitors can pick and choose which categories to read.

    To set up category menus, go to your Dashboard > Appearance > Menus.

    There, you’ll find panels to set up menus for Posts, Pages, etc.

    Hope this helps too.

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