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    I completely messed up a perfectly good blog by installing a theme on top today/ I want to revert to original from 6 hours ago.
    the blog is
    How can I do this?

    The blog I need help with is



    The free hosted linked to your username is empty ie. devoid of blogger created content. Please post an active link starting with http:// to the exact blog you are asking about.



    Oops! I’m sorry. I just spotted the URL without the http:// above.
    You can go here > Appearance > Themes and select a new theme and activate it as many times as you choose to. This is the link to the Themes Showcase



    Note: You must be logged in under the username account that registered the blog in order to be able to access it. If you have more than one username that means you have to log-out of one and clear your browser cache and cookies you log-in under the other account.


    Thank you for the response. I’m panicking .I didnt make the original theme. How can I revert it? I don’t want a new one.


    We are asking if it is possible to go back to what was originally there just a couple of days ago.

    Both me, Jennifer, the owner of the blog, and Anastasia, my friend, are posting here.



    Can you look up what the original theme installed on this blog was? We can restate it and then pursue the original image.
    But right now , we have norecord of the original theme installed.
    Thank you


    Can anyone weigh in on this and give us any advice? Thanks.



    Please do not panic. There are over 200 themes and we Volunteers don’t know which one you used previously. However, if you cannot recall the theme name and type it in here . Appearance > Themes then you can do a Google search to determine what the theme you used was called. I did that an in August you were using “Pilcrow”.


    Thanks. I did not create my blog so I didn’t know. That’s helpful.

    Will using that re-instate the blog as it was?

    There was an image on the top which is now gone. Is there any way to get a screen shot of what my blog once was?

    I appreciate your answer very much.


    I activated Pilcrow and it returned!

    All the things on the right side went away though, such as how to sign up, etc…

    How do I get those back?

    Again, thanks!



    Will using that re-instate the blog as it was?

    Yes but you may have to replace your widgets by removing them from the Inactive Wigets box here and installing where you want them > Appearance > Widgets

    There was an image on the top which is now gone.

    that’s a header images and it will be found in your Medial Library unless you deleted it from there.

    After you do the 3 minute job of going here > Appearance > Themes selecting Pilcrow and clicking activate go here > Appearance > Header and click “Choose Image” Or choose an image from your media library.

    Is there any way to get a screen shot of what my blog once was?

    No does not keep screenshots of our sites. However if you go to Google’s cache you can find a cached copy to view


    I also think the blog was connected to facebook and twitter and I don’t know if it is now or not….

    How can I determine that?

    Again thanks!

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