Reverting back to non-custom CSS

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    I want to go back. I know enough CSS to be good in my own environment but the WordPress bounds while defined are a bit too much for me to plow through. Now I want to go back.

    It seems though, that once I go down the path of custom CSS forever will it dominate my desitny. I see no revert option. If I select a prefabricated theme my blog does not seem to inherit the standard CSS for that theme. If I delete out the CSS from the custom control it does not revert either.

    Thanks to any who can help.



    Empty the editor window, check the box labeled ‘Add to existing CSS’ and click on the Save Stylesheet button.


    Thank you. How did that elude me for so long?



    Wow…it eluded me too. I just spent about two hours pulling my hair out.

    Thanks, drmike.



    Not a problem. :)

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