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    I just upgraded to WordPress from Windows Live Spaces recently out of curiosty. To my horror, it doesn’t transfer over draft blogs. I am requesting is there a method for me to revert my blog space to Windows Live Spaces so I can save those drafts? Please, they are very important to me.



    I suggest you contact staff directly and they may be able to find and bring over your drafts:

    Going back is not an option: Windows Live Spaces will be killed off shortly and then you’ll have nothing.


    What Support Staff!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

    I have sent them two emails about the problem with Windows Live Writer, and no reply



    Do not email them. Use that contact form. Email is the lowest priority for them.

    Windows Live Writer is not their problem. Perhaps you should seek support in the Windows Live Writer support forum.



    What Support Staff!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

    The support staff often seemed overworked before all the users from Microsoft live came over. It has been commented that they would need to quadruple the number of staff just to give the same level of service that they previously had – which often took 24 hours to get a response.

    I dread to think what support levels will be like now. I am sure that they will realise they need more people and start recruitment but I think everyone is in for a couple of difficult months.



    What’s amusing is, I’m familiar with the turnaround time of Microsoft support, and that can be measured in DAYS.



    What’s amusing is, I’m familiar with the turnaround time of Microsoft support, and that can be measured in DAYS.

    You must be a gold customer! I once reported an API bug and got a response a month later telling me “this is a known issue”, and giving me a work-around. I had already figured a work-around before the response arrived.



    You know it’s bad when they make AOL look good!



    @rain – the timeframe being mentioned for fazing out LiveSpaces is 6 months, so it doesn’t seem like there’s a hurry. Regardless, it should be made clear on the LiveSpaces site that once you export you can’t go back, if indeed that is the case.

    Staff have already requested in the sticky at the top of the forum that should LiveSpaces users have a problem with their transfer to, they need to contact Support directly.


    There are sticky threads in the forums over at regarding the changeover, and in one of them it mentions there is no going back. The top two stickies here are the ones dealing with the switchover.



    You only lost draft contents. When I transfered to wordpress, all old posts have gone! Tried many ways to get help but so far ZERO!



    @liyanying, use the link raincoaster provided and contact staff. They have been fixing this issue when it arrises for those moving over. We have not heard what the problem is, but staff has been able to fix it for others.



    oh, i really dont like here, but understand we all need time to get use to all…..


    @ambergy99, just give it a little time. As you say, anytime we have to change from one system to another there is going to be a learning curve, and the people here in the forums, and the support pages (which are outstanding) will get you up and running in no time.



    When I was being told of the upgrade, it never prompted to me that the drafts weren’t transferrable as it mentioned that old blog posts would. So now I’m stuck because I have around 30-40 drafts in my old spaces & they’re all very important to me.

    I have already contacted the support via contact form but they haven’t reply to me yet. Help! I’m desperate here!



    I have had so many problems so far, and I agree with justjennifer, that they should mention the consequences when they suggest the migration, and that a backup of the original space should be highlighted. I understand if they don’t have enough staff to help us out, and I do understand too, that it takes time to get used to everything. But I’m sort of forced into this migration and it’s not just getting used to something, but downright losing half of what I had in Live Space.

    And then the language settings… I set it to German, got 1/2 German and 1/2 English all mixed up… they can’t be serious… I might as well just use the English setting and use Google Translate for the entire webpage…

    If it’s no going back anyway, I’m switching to google blogger. bye bye guys, good luck!



    Hello all,

    Our forum volunteers are correct; the change to is permanent and can’t be undone.

    If there were issues with your import, you may need to wait slightly for the import to run completely. There are a lot of people coming over to right now and it can take a short while before your posts appear here.

    If you are still not seeing what you expect, please note that the following items do *not* come over in the import process:

    • Photos that were in albums but not within posts
    • Modules
    • Lists
    • Pending/draft posts

    If your import is not going as expected, please contact us and we will get to you as soon as possible. We are working very hard to make sure this is a smooth transition and would love to help you.




    Oh, that is just great. This is a very unfortunate event coz I was hoping that there was a slightest chance for me to revert. I am very disappointed. Now all hope is lost.

    I still hope there is something that can be done for us even for those who want to revert back are just a minority. Please, because it is quite important to me.



    I lost all my articles…all my blogs…where could I find them out?

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