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Review answers to my old threads

  1. I need to review member and staff answers to questions I have posed before. How do I do that?
    Thanks, Fred

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Click on the word "member" under your name and you will see your profile here in the forums which includes all of the threads you have started or replied to.

    Or click on your name at the top of the forum where it says,
    "Welcome fgherbert "

  3. Got it. Thanks

  4. You are welcome.
    I hope your site is coming along as you like?

  5. I think my plan to write to a website may not have been the best. Transfer (cut and paste) from Word brings all sorts of mysterious junk to the website. I have given up on getting the endnotes as they should be. My plan now is to have a summary for each chapter, in book proposal format, and Chapter Two as a complete chapter, advertize the website with the promise to e-mail visitors ,who sign up, notices when other chapters are completed, measure the interest in the book and complete it with Word. We'll see.

    WordPress has been helpful, but there must be an easier way to write a book; however, the support is excellent and appreciated.

  6. This might help you with Word:

  7. Use Windows Live Writer. It works like Microsoft Word, but is web compatible and doesn't cause those problems.

  8. I had tried WLW some time ago, no help.
    When I used auxclass's suggestion of transferring using, the endnote numbers all were numbered an Arabic 1 when I had copied 16 notes all appropriately numbered in Word.

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