"Reviewer" or "Approver" role Addition to User Roles

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    We use WordPress.com to run a blog for our organization. We collaborate to create posts, I am the overall editor (and have the administrator role)and then we have one person whose job it is to copyedit ALL posts.

    The only way I can allow our copyeditor to see ALL draft posts on the blog (created by any author) is to give her Editor rights – which is way more power (opportunity to screw something up – in her words) than she wants.

    So I came here to suggest that a user role allowing someone to view ALL draft posts – but not change them (or other settings) might be nice for WordPress. This would also allow someone ‘in authority’ for an organizational blog to view draft posts and ‘approve them’ – without ever having to ‘mess with’ WordPress details.

    The blog I need help with is efftips.wordpress.com.

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