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Reviews and Album or DVD artwork

  1. If I am writing an album or DVD review am I allowed to include an image of the album or DVD cover?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you own the copyright for the artwork?

  3. no i would be reviewing someone elses album/dvd. I see reviews all the time with the artwork on the blog. I'm wondering if these reviewers all reach out to the artist or media contact for permission or if it falls under the "fair use". I've done some searching online and haven't found too much on the subject.

  4. I don't know if they do seek permission in advance or not - sorry.

  5. I'm planning on getting permission so I'm really just curious.

  6. Okay. I'm multitasking for work so I don't have time to chat. I just answer questions and move along as quickly as I can.

    The Limitations of Fair Use
    When it comes to matters of copyright, many bloggers are simply asking for trouble and don’t realize that they are doing so. They take images and put them in their entries without a thought to where they got them, they take articles, in whole or large part, without a thought to who wrote wrote it and tell themselves that their copying of the content is protected by fair use. … This causes many bloggers, especially new ones, to put themselves in risk that they never would have otherwise.

  7. Thanks for the link.

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