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Revisions data

  1. I make lots of corrections on my posts, and every saved correction creates a Revision Post. Now Revisions have more than once helped me out when I by accident deleted text, bless WP.
    After the final post and the backing up in my own system, I don't use them any more. I see no option to remove them, though. But this is, taken over a couple of years, a LOT of useless data sitting in the WP server banks. And I'm sure I'm not the only blog user who grows a sheer infinite amount of such Revisions...

  2. No we do not have an option to remove either post revisions or page revisions. will store the last 25 revisions for each page and post on our blogs. I would not use such an option if it existed as my hosting is free of charge and I have no bandwidth limitations. As you would like to request that Staff consider providing an option to remove post and page revisions and as that can be requested in the Ideas Forum, I'll flag this thread so it gets moved there for you.

  3. OOPS! lol :D This thread is already in the Ideas Forum - sorry for not reading the heading.

  4. Yes, I try to keep subjects neat & tudy, lol.

    OK. I still have to send a mail about a few other matters, so I'll add it.

  5. ...tudy? tidy.

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