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Reviving My Blog

  1. I created my blog in January 2009 and did not update it after my second post in February of the same year. I continue to blog up to now using WordPress platform on a self-hosted blog. I now want to revive my blog so I compose a comeback article. When I wanted to publish the article, I saw the button "Submit For Review" so I clicked it. It now has a "Pending" status.

    I have to tell you that I already forgot the procedure on publishing an article at so I have to ask if I did right in clicking "Submit For Review" button and how many days do I have to wait before my post shows in my blog. Thank you very much.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You want to click "publish" to publish a post. Click for review is for requesting feedback on a post from someone else.

  3. @rootjosh-Why is "Pending Review" even an option on a single-author site? It's not the same as "Request Feedback".

  4. I'm going to have to see if I can replicate this.

  5. Even on my own site, I'm the only Admin and author. Pending Review is none-the-less an option in the Publish module. If you need screenshots I'll be happy to provide them.

  6. I think Pending Review has always been an option on single user blogs - yes a bit nuts - but you could sell that to me as a "feature" to make the software easier to maintain with a "one size fits all"

  7. PS - the "Request Review" would only go to Admin & Editors I think for a blog -

    The Feedback is way different and can be sent to anyone and they do not need to be a user on a blog or have a WordPress.COM account

  8. @rootjosh - Thank you for your reply. At the top of the right sidebar in my dashboard is the "Publish" button which when I click would only close the box and/or dropdown the publishing options. The "Submit for Review" button is highlighted at the bottom of the box so I clicked it thinking that's approval is needed before my post gets published.

    Currently, my post is marked "Pending" and I can't do anything to get it published. What should I do to have it published?

  9. @xicowner

    I have published that post for you.

  10. @rootjosh - Thanks again for the favor. Now, I wonder what will happen in my next post. Will I be able to click "Publish" or go through the process again which is not advisable? I will come back here to let you know. In the meantime, happy blogging to all of us.

  11. You should be able to just click publish.

    Happy to help.

  12. @rootjosh - I wish to ask a favor again. I had just finish doing an article and when I wish to publish it, I can't see the "Publish" button. I only see "Submit for Review" so I clicked it again like the first time before I seek help in this forum. There's the word "Publish" on the top of Compose Box but I think it's a label and it's not clickable.

    Please publish my article again and I would also appreciate if you can advise me what to do to have "Publish" button in my dashboard. Thanks again.

  13. So the crux of the issue is that the account you are logging into is not an administrator on the site you are posting it. You are just a contributor. I'm not sure how I missed this before.

    You will need to log into the administrator account if you want to be able to publish your posts without "review".

  14. Sorry, @rootjosh, I can't remember an admin account for this subject blog. I am the single-user of the account. I have another account with where I have a co-Contributor but the subject blog is not listed in such account. Please help me gain Admin privilege on the blog, if you can. Thanks again.

  15. If you cannot remember the login information for a account, your best bet is to try the account recovery process here:

    Due to the private nature of information required for account recovery and the public nature of these forums, we cannot help with account recovery here.

  16. @rootjosh - Thank you very much. I already file the form in the link you gave. Can you please publish my pending article just like what you did last time? Sorry, this will be the last time. I won't make a new article unless I gain back the admin privilege in my blog.

  17. I am sorry, I cannot do that. I shouldn't have done that the first time but I somehow missed that you were acting as a contributor and not as an admin.

    You are going to need to access the site admin account in order to publish on that site.

  18. It's okay, @rootjosh. I understand you. As I already said, I already filed the request to recover my admin privilege. If I can't have it after a while, l just let my blog to go inactive again. Thank you very much for all the help.

  19. Best of luck with everything!

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