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  1. How much longer is this image going to appear on Freshly Pressed? I can't be alone in thinking it's revolting.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ignore the 'blog I need help with'. I don't need help with a blog at the moment.

  3. I also saw this image yesterday. Don't you like it? The image is fascinating but going through the post shows that the whole post is very poor and dry. So Noah misses one like because of the worst write up.

  4. Hmm, I don't like it either. It looks like some kind of weird S&M. Ah well....whatever floats yer boat. ;)

  5. I neither like nor dislike the image, but I would certainly dislike being the model! I agree with hnsaifi, the post itself isn't anything special. I often wonder what really goes in to choosing Freshly Pressed posts... but I don't usually pay much attention to them anyways.

  6. Hideous!!

  7. Ouch! It sure gets one's attention....and isn't that the point, if there could be one in something so pointless... and painful.

  8. Meh, that's what I do in my spare time so I'm used to seeing it.

  9. @absurdoldbird
    {{{Head spinning }}} I don't get it. If you want to contact Staff about what's on Freshly Pressed you know what the email address is. So why promote a post with an image you don't like here in the Off-Topic Forum. But by posting the link here you are guaranteeing traffic will be sent to that post. Was your intent? I just don't get it. :(

  10. I think it's just funny. But then, I'm jaded.

    Remember, you could be a Saudi complaining about pictures of women not wearing headscarves...

  11. @tt - this is the 'off topic' forum. It's for discussing things that are off topic. This is what I'm intending - to discuss this. Some will love it, I loathe it. I think it should never have been included in FP. As jessie says, it's like an S&M image and I can't see how anything like that could have got FPd in the first place.

  12. It just seems like S&M because he's so ugly.

    They should have gone with THIS

  13. @aob
    I neither love nor loathe it. It raises zero emotion in me. As for why it was selected - I don't do FP, so I don't know what's there, unless someone points to a post like you did and I check it out.

  14. @ardpete
    That's a contender for sure but for what? {{{shaking head}}}

  15. I think it is funny too and even funnier now...

  16. @TT
    Mummy of the year award?

  17. @abusrboldbird
    I sound bitchy above and I apologize. :( It's good to see you posting here again. :)

    Here's something interesting. User interface guru Jakob Nielsen completed an eye-tracking study that indicates how users consume Web pages. He said the eye-tracking study also surfaced a counter-intuitive finding–people who look like models (perfect human specimens according to popular culture) are less likely to draw attention than ‘normal’ people. That makes me wonder if wonder if odd looking people don't draw the most attention of all.

  18. @ardpete
    It has Halloween potential. :)

  19. philkneenphotography

    If you don't like it, don't look, that's what you have eye lids for. You disliking it is a matter of complete indifference to me.

    By complaining you've made my image even more popular - result!

  20. philkneenphotography

    As an artist I find this reaction from another 'artist' revolting.

  21. @tt - thank you. :)

    @philkneenphotography. I'm sorry if I upset you. However, a personal opinion is still valid regardless of whether one is an artist or not. And as for 'if you don't like it, don't look', normally I'd agree with you, but unfortunately since changed things around, the Freshly Pressed page arrives on my screen when I go to log in and when I go to look at my stats, etc. Nothing I can do about that.

  22. Also, as I said above, my starting this thread was to start a discussion, not to stop you getting views.

  23. I find much that is passed off as art revolting. For example, Damien Hirst's butchered cows and calves, and sharks in tanks with meaningless and pretentious titles. Ghastly! These things are bound to elicit strong reactions from people, that's why the artist creates them in the first place. Shock value.
    I do believe that anyone, artist or not is entitled to voice an opinion about something which he/she finds offensive or indeed revolting without being told that his/her opinion or reaction is likewise revolting.

  24. philkneenphotography

    Well, I think 'revolting' is a bit strong, but hey, 'different strokes' and all that...

  25. That's no unicorn, rain, that's an eye-eye, native to Madagascar. An eye for an eye. Bye!

  26. No, wait! It's spelled aye-aye. Must have been named by a sailor.

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