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    I’m working with Aliza Worthington on getting her followers from WordPress transferred to her new blog at Patheos. I’ve include your (Jeremy Duvall’s) last email to her, as well as my response to her by email and one question below:

    General Question: what exactly does it mean to be a follower? I clicked to subscribe to Aliza’s blog (the old one) and never received any notification on new content when I’m logged into or any other means. I don’t know what value it is to move these “subscribers” over. Can you explain?

    Jeremy Duvall’s forum response to Aliza:

    Hi Aliza,

    I apologize again for the oversight. It looks like The Worthington Post is set-up as a separate blog than Patheos so subscribers should only receive your posts. Before I make the transfer, there are a few things to iron out with the Jetpack connection:

    1. Your running an older version of Jetpack and of software. Currently, the versions are as follows;

    Jetpack: 2.3.1 (Current version: 2.8) 3.4 (Current version: 3.8)

    Can you ask the Tech Wiz at Patheos to update those to the latest (or at least close to latest) versions?

    2. Cloudfront is actively blocking xmlrpc.php. In order for Jetpack to work correctly, Cloudfront will either need to be disabled or configured to allow xmlrpc.php access.

    3. In the DNS settings for (, there is an error for “Missing nameservers reported by parent”. That will need to be resolved for Jetpack to work correctly.

    Please pass this along to the person at Patheos in charge of maintaining/updating the back-end of the site, and let me know if you have any additional questions!

    This was my response to Aliza:

    I’ve talked with my boss on the different issues that Jeremy brought up and here’s what I know:

    1.) We will be upgrading to WordPress 3.6 or 3.8 next quarter – he has someone who will be doing that for Patheos. He is investigating upgrading the Jetpack version.

    2.) Unfortunately we are not able to disable Cloudfront, and the xmlrpc.php has to be vetted by the administration first, so we’ll get back on that as well.

    3.) I’ve submitted the DNS settings “Missing namesevers” to my boss and he is investigating.



    When communicating with Staff via email you need to continue that conversation by email. Posting it here will not accomplish your purpose and may even be counterproductive. Also posting in behalf of another user almost always leads to miscommunication.

    General Question: what exactly does it mean to be a follower?
    Try using support docs here >
    Moving subscribers >



    Some JetPack solutions are here
    Others are in the JetPack support forum at
    Note: If you don’t have a username account at, click and register one on the top right hand corner of the page that opens, so you can post there.

    However, if you can’t find help at either one then you can file a JetPack support ticket here >



    Hi Timethief – unfortunately I don’t have an email address for Jeremy Duvall (staff member at, who is working on the issue. In addition, I cannot post to the original topic as it was started by Aliza Worthington, other users are not allowed to comment – and Aliza has asked me to work this out with Jeremy.



    Well then let Aliza Worthington respond to the relevant thread re: her issue in the Staff support forums please. We can’t help you here.



    She has asked me to handle it – do you know of any way I can contact Jeremy Duvall?



    or can you give me a link to the staff forum? i apologize, I thought this was the staff forum



    Only the person who registered the blog and who purchased the upgrades can communicate directly with Staff by posting into the relevant Staff Answers support forum thread. Go back to Aliza Worthington who is asking you to do what you cannot do and tell her that so she can get her act together and begin act in in her own best interest please.



    Thanks for your explanation, it is much appreciated. Sorry to waste the forum’s time.



    You’re welcome and I’m sure Aliza Worthington actually posts into the relevant thread in the correct support forum that she will get the Staff help she needs.


    Hi, Timethief.

    I sincerely hope when you have an issue (here, and in life) and you aren’t sure how to handle it, the people of whom you ask your questions are much nicer to you than you have been to Hillary and me on this thread.

    Aliza Worthington

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