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RFE: Please add "https" support to RSS feed widget

  1. cyclofestivalgeneve

    It would be much appreciated: both (now running and send Atom feeds over https only.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    Can you send me a link to an https RSS feed that isn't working when adding it to the RSS widget? My tests have HTTPS RSS feeds working.


  3. cyclofestivalgeneve

    Here they are: redacted]

    mmh, now I realize those are Atom feeds...

    The two RSS widgets configured with the above URLs both report (see bottom of my blog page) "Une erreur est survenue ; le flux est probablement indisponible. Veuillez réessayer plus tard.", whereas Thunderbird and Firefox show them correctly.

  4. cyclofestivalgeneve

    Ouch, the second URL got automatically mangled as it contains an '@' character. Here's a safe version (replace 'AT' with '@'):


  5. Thanks for the links. The issue seems to be neither with HTTPS or with Atom feeds, as I can have feeds with either option work, though I can confirm these two feeds aren't working.

    I'm checking into it and will send you an update when I have something more. The second feed (with the @) isn't validating, , so I'm going to focus specifically on the first one for the cause.

    Thanks for your patience.

  6. It is a bug on our end. The library we use to parse the feeds is being tripped up by those. The fix isn't easy, though, so it'll likely take a bit of time for us to get it resolved.


  7. cyclofestivalgeneve

    Thanks for fixing this!

    When done, please don't forget to amend your support page as it currently states:

    Feed URLs that start with “https://” will not work on our RSS Widget.



  8. Will do. Thanks for the reminder :-)

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