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    Can’t manage to set the text at #666, not having found the correct bit to change …

    The blog I need help with is


    I see you have the links with #000, are you wanting to change the non-linked text to #666?


    Ah !!! of bloody course !
    [M-R slaps forehead irritably]
    So: to leave links at #000 means these must remain thus.
    Sorry for being so dumb.


    You can change the links in the sidebar to a different color by specifically targeting the sidebar.

    .widget-area a {
        color: #cc0000;

    If you do the below, you can set the color of non-links in the sidebar as well as links.

    .widget-area p, .widget_blog-stats {
        color: #cc0000;
    .widget-area a {
        color: #66dd33;


    I had to go to town for an X-ray. It was fearfully exciting, you simply can’t imagine.
    But now I’m back and saying thank-you, Rich, as I always, always do.
    To whom should I write demanding you get a raise in pay …?


    You are welcome, and I’m not sure who to write the letter to. :)

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