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  1. In the online manual, it says you can use CSS to change things like text color and background color.

    Do these instructions only apply to hosted WordPress or do they also apply to WordPress hosted blogs?

    I have a WordPress hosted blog and I couldn't make the instructions for changing font color and background color work?

    I want to have a rich text environment in my blog with different text colors, background colors, tables etc etc.

    Should I be switching to the downloadable version which runs on my service provider host system?


  2. I dont think you can change the CSS templates on as that would require re-uploading the CSS template sheet which is not possible on If you want to do this then get wordpress on your own hosting.

    You can change the colours of text etc. on posts and pages only.

    Joseph Cheng
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  3. Just to be clear, you mean I download WordPress and install it on my hosted website? And that way, I get more flexibility with rich text editing?



  4. You get more functionality with everything. Widget downling, different templates, CSS editing etc... You will be able to change all the colours if you have wordpress on your own hosting package.

    Definately recommended to host your own if you can afford it and have sufficent know-how. Yahoo has a good wordpress hosting package with good support.

    Joseph Cheng

  5. I think with widgets, more things would be possible soon, but now, due to fears of attacks, I think that's why no ads/using of outside files are allowed here.

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