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Rich Text and html tab !!! Yipeee

  1. Just wanted to say... fantastic idea of having the html tab. It is so easy to swap between the two of them now.

    It will save heaps of time for those of us who do swap between the editors.

    Great idea.

    Emmmm... this is a new thing is it not.. I hope I am not that slow to catch on to new things around here.

    I am such a creature of habit, and knowing me it has been there all the time and I just haven't noticed it.

    I will feel rather sheepish if that is the case.

    Anyway... nice work guys


  2. The Alt+B feature which allows you to change the color of your font as well as change formatting of text is gone after this change was applied. :(

  3. I am sure they will bring it back... I think that it is just an oversight.

    A glitch

    I hope :) Let's wait and see, and if it doesn't come back then feedback may be the way to go.


  4. v

  5. Is this for real? I really liked the old one better. The space to view is so tiny on this one, that I cannot see more than two to three lines at a time, and you cannot see the pictures at all. I liked the word wrap on the old rich text editor too. I thought maybe this was a temporary thing. Please tell me it is. :|

  6. If you look at the bottom right hand corner when you are writing a post, there are some lines in the corner, put your cursor over that and click and drag the box to any size you like, you can use that to extend the box.... so you can make the box big enough to fit your whole post if you want.

    But yeah, I want the alt B back.


    What's with the 'v' ???


  7. alt-v :)

    and alt-e switches editors

  8. Oh I thought you just want to say my name!


  9. It's new alright. And just when I had gotten used to the other.
    Not sure what I think just yet.

    BTW Another way to create a larger text box in which to write.

    dashboard > options > writing > Size of the post box:

    Couple of other choices there as well.

  10. Thanks for the Alt-V tip. So that's where they moved it. I was actually tempted to Alt+every key on the keyboard to find that feature but you spared me the agony. Thanks!

  11. I thought it was some kind of reference to anarchy, graphic novels and movies. Shows you what I know.

  12. OMG Where is the text color button? :(

  13. Oh thank you for the help livingjournal! The post I did last night even came out smaller. LOL.
    I still like the old one better. I don't know what all the buttons mean on the html one.

  14. i already post this new function in my blog :)

  15. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who missed the Alt+B. Glad to know the functionality is still there.

  16. the idea is great but it doesn't work (( something wrong with this "html tab"... if you print some tags in the html tab all of them appears to be in the published version on the sait... it doesn't convert

  17. show some example please. coz i dont have any problem using them

  18. @neplox
    sysadmin have just made changes to tiny MCE (the text rich editor) and voluteers don't have back end access. Have you sent in a feedback with a link to this thread? If you haven't I suggest that you do.

  19. Just discovered the Alt+b dilemma. On the verge of a conniption, I wandered here. Alt+v...Whew! :)

  20. Also do the "clear your cache-forced reload of the page" thingie. You might still have older parts of TinyMCE in your browser's cache that might be throwing something off.

  21. I'ma not liking the fact that the default for "Edit Comments" is HTML. Noooo, me not liking that at all. And not seeing a tab to switch views, either.

  22. The Compose tab and rich text editor on the Edit page aren't working at all now, although the tab exists, so I suppose that's progress; they just continue to load forever. You can make changes if you know HTML though. Feedback sent.

  23. oh, *cough* :D

    this is awesome, thanks andy!

    [Word edited as it might offend the underaged folks we have around here and TT - drmike]

  24. Oh my...this new thing is just not working out for me. The new tabs are quite unreliable in switching back and forth. It's really a pain in the neck. The former set-up seemed to work much, much better. Sometimes progress ain't!! Please bring the old set-up back...please...please....

  25. I think the problem is browser related. I can't switch back and forth between the two editors using Mozilla (not Firefox) 1.7.12 but it works in IE.

  26. I'm sticking with the normal editor. :)

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