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    One of my blogs is http://mypyp.wordpress.com/ which stands for “Make your passion your profession” If I want to give a link to it from my other blog, in the post if I type Make your passion your profession, it is supposed to blink only “Make your passion your profession”. However the whole message comes and it does not blink. However when I click on somebody else’s comments and insert the same code, “Make your passion your profession” appears correctly.

    If it appears correctly in the comments, why can’t it appear the same way in the posts. Where am I going wrong? Please guide me because the whole link looks atrocious. How can I achieeve giving the link http://mypyp.wordpress.com/ and have the name “MAke your passion your profession” blink in my wordpress posts? Thanks in advance.



    In the above I typed “Make your passion your profession” which shows “Make your passion your profession” blinking correctly. How do you achieve the same thing in the posts. In the psots, it gives the whole message without blinking. Please guide.



    < A HREF=”http://mypyp.wordpress.com/” > Make your passion your profession < /a >

    close the spaces for the < and >



    This did not work. It shows the entire text that you have typed as it is. However it works when you type this code in comments box. Why does it now work in the posts? It makes no sense. Please let me know the solution.

    There is no “and” in my code.



    Can we please see an example of what you are doing on your page.

    My money is on you have the rich test editor turned on and it’s either messing something up or your making a mistake in using it. You may want to turn it off at Dashboard -> Users -> Your profile and try using the normal text editor.

    What Sulz puts is correct. She’s talking about the spaces after the < and > marks in her post

    Copy and paste would be:

    <a href="http://mypyp.wordpress.com/">Make your passion your profession</a>



    Thanks a lot,drmike. You are a lifesaver as usual. This must be the fourth or the fifth time that you have come to my rescue. I can’t thank you enough. Do drop in whenever you come to Delhi or India for that matter. It would be a pleasure to meet you.

    Thannks a million once again. Thanks also to sulz. For people like us who are not so familiar with codes, you are all lifesavers. God bless you.



    One small problem. The links on one blog appear in red and is a little bold wihich I like and the other blog it is green and small which I want to change to the first. Is there anyway to do this or is it to do with the two default themes(both blogs have different themes) that the blogs have. Kindly let me know. Yhanks.

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