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Right Click Photo Disable

  1. Does anyone know how to disable the right click option on a photo. I'm putting some pictures up on my page and I don't want them to be stolen or copied. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. When you upload pictures to the web, you immediate put them at risk. I'm a professional photographer and I live by that risk every day. There are no codes or methods that are going to stop anyone from taking your pictures. Even if you disable right-click, there are other means no limited to screen captures.

  3. The only way to protect your images is to not upload them at all.

    Disabling right clicks is not only annoying but at the end is useless. Even if right-click is disabled, one can always drag and drop the image onto the desktop et voilĂ .

    Because doesn't allow JavaScript (and to disable right-clicks you need JavaScript) there is a technique just to make it a bit hard for others to "grab" your images, you might find it useful:

  4. Thanks for the help and advice! :)

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