Right-click protect photos?

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    Is there a way to right-click protect my photos on my blog so that visitors can’t have access to my photos?


    Sorry, no there is not. That would require javascript, and that is not allowed in our blogs because of security concerns, and it’s not foolproof anyway. Once the image is up, they can just do a screen capture and they have the photo (lower quality, but they have it).

    Some image/file server sites allow you to whitelist only certain URL’s which means that those not on the list cannot download the image by right click or otherwise. If you whitelist only your site, then no one else would be able to get the full image file. They can of course still do a screen capture though.


    Thanks for the info.


    You’re welcome and happy blogging.



    IMHO the best way to go is to watermark your blog images and the link I’m posting here will lead you to a post wherein you will find several free watermarking program links.


    That’s a good idea timethief. I’ll try out the programs you mentioned. Thanks!



    You’re welcome. Happy Blogging. :)



    FWIW and FYI, disabling right-clicks with JavaScript, not only is annoying, but it also encourages people to do what you don’t want them to – this usually happens too when some people want to ‘protect’ the source code of their web page… that’s just not gonna work.

    Trying to protect images disabling right clicks is no different. Don’t get me wrong, but if someone really wants to grab an image, any image, that person doesn’t need to right-click at all.

    As TT said, watermarking your images is the way to go. A copyright notice on your blog would be useful too.



    Agreed, and I speak as one with very minimal technical skills who can still get around right-click disabling.

    Are there not services which will allow hotlinking to one specified site per user? I thought Flickr had something like that, and it would be enormously useful. That way you could still use their right-click protection (for what it’s worth) and have their images on your blog.

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