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right-clicks and text selection

  1. i have the java script for no right click and no text selection, and i am aware that there is no way of editing my template.. but may i know if i can have an option of making my blog free from right clicks and text selection?

  2. There isn't. Even if you could all someone has to do is View Source.

  3. Your best bet would be to also encrypt the PHP outputed but, to do that, you would have to be hosted on your own site.

  4. And even that would not work because for me to see it my browser has to get it and that means it's in my cache.

    I'm fairly sure there is a Firefox extension which disable 'no right click'.

  5. thanks~

  6. Yes, but usually it's still encrypted in the View Source. Modernbill does this with their output for example.

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