right column displays at bottom pf pg in Explorer only

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    My blog displays fine in the Safari browser, but not in Explorer.

    Using Internet Explorer version 6.0, the right hand column of the blog at first displays on the top right, then when the full pg has loaded, the right hand column contents jump down to the bottom of the page. I am thinking perhaps a grahic in the blog is too large, or something like that?
    How do I fix this?


    But the real fix is abandoning the obsolete IE6…


    No, the real fix is fixing what is a problem in the HTML in the posts. Just because IE7, Firefox and Safari are more tolerant of HTML mistakes isn’t a reason to not fix the code.

    A huge number of people are still using IE6 and forcing them to upgrade in my opinion is not an answer when the problem is a muck up in the code.

    Also ralph, go to settings > writing and select “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then save the change. This should prevent most HTML mistakes. And I’m not saying it was your fault Ralph, sometimes the code just gets messed up.



    …IE7, Firefox and Safari are more tolerant of HTML mistakes…

    Just a small clarification, it’s the other way around. I mean, IE6 is not standards compliant whereas the other browsers are. Write sloppy code, IE will be more than happy to read it whereas other browser will complain.

    Write good code, _all_ browser will happily read it.

    CSS-wise, IE6 leaves a lot to be desired, too… hence the “[if IE x]” hacks (which shouldn’t exist, btw).

    IE7 is a bit better than 6, but still have some issues. I haven’t tested IE8 but it’s said that it’s a complete different browser, I mean, it does “respect” standards as much as Opera, Firefox and Safari.

    Sorry if I went off topic, just wanted to clarify that.


    I’m just going by what I’ve seen in these cases where the blog will look fine in Safari, FF or Opera, but in IE6 or 7, the sidebar will be at the bottom of the blog. Safari, FF and Opera seem to ignore the missing closing div tag, or em or strong tag and leave the sidebar where it should be while IE shoves it to the bottom of the blog.


    And I know what you mean about the IE “hacks.” One theme I previewed for my self-hosted blog had 27 total “hacks” for IE 6 and 7.


    And I know what you mean about the IE “hacks.” One theme I previewed for my self-hosted blog had 27 total “hacks” for IE 6 and 7.

    And IE8 isn’t looking too promising right now: http://www.gtalbot.org/BrowserBugsSection/



    I see where you’re coming from. To me explaining why it would look good in other browser but IE is a bit complicated, but trust me, IE is more forgiving to bad code than the other browsers.

    27 hacks? that’s inefficient (and sloppy) in my opinion.

    Thanks for sharing that link. I’ll get more inform about IE8… 206 bugs is not nice. I’ll head over to Secunia too and see what they’ve found.


    @tsp: Sorry my brief (sarcastic) remark wasn’t clear enough – I didn’t mean abandon that browser AS OPPOSED to correcting bad html. Note that even the official IE page urges abandoning IE6. And as you very well know, IE in general is not one of the browsers that WP recommends.


    I agree that IE6 should be a punishable offense ( :-) ) but the sad fact is many people still use it and probably will for at least a few more years.

    @devblog, I never used the theme, it had other issues although when I downloaded it I had high hopes. I liked the features, layout and colors. Don’t even remember the name of it now. The CSS did validate, but you are right, 27 “fixes” was a lot and someone good with CSS could probably get by with far fewer. I’m at best a CSS novice although I’ve been studying up on it as I have time.

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