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right hand side of blog ... tags or catagories?

  1. upwithmarriage

    hi, i'm just setting up my blog and i wanted to put catagories on the right hand side on the lower part of the blog (at least i think they are called catagories. i've read the info on tags/catagories ... it is still unclear to me)

    i've seen them on other blogs, and they are also on this forum page as well (on the bottom left of the page)

    how do i add those on?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Where the theme you chose displays Categories and/or Tags is not something you can change without a custom design upgrade ans sometimes not at all. We cannot edit themes and templates on free hosted blogs. . To assign Categories to posts see > Categories >
    See also > and note that until you publish a post in a Category the widget will have nothing to display.

  3. This is the link to the main page for all widgets that can be used in your sidebar >
    This link is to a step by step tutorial prepared by Staff for new WordPress.COM members >
    Best wishes with your blog.

  4. upwithmarriage

    hi timethief, thanks for responding; i tried adding tags ... they do show on my post however, it doesn't do the 'moving thing' ... like the 'cloud tag' shows? also, i should have two people following (i know, not many, but its a start lol) ... how do i find out where they are listed?

  5. We do not have "moving" tag clouds here. We do have a static tag cloud widget.
    You can set up blog subscriptions. See here >
    You can locate subscribers on Stats page by using the link that appears there >

  6. upwithmarriage

    hey thanks timethief ... much appreciated !!!

  7. You're welcome.

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