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    Our right navigation keeps bumping down below our page. I’m new to WordPress/CSS and not sure what I should be looking for or where to fix this. Anyone got advice? Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is citizenvox.org.



    We can’t begin to answer that without a link to the blog starting with http.


    oops! here it is. http://citizenvox.org/

    Thanks in advance!



    I don’t think that’s a CSS issue. It’s a very common issue with your Read More tag; you’ve split some other tag, in other words you have

    <some tag like b> <readmore></some tag like b>

    You need to look at your code and make sure both the opening and closing tags are on the same side of the read more. I generally make sure to put the Read More on a separate line all by itself, and that prevents this from happening.

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