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Right now in tags

  1. Hi,

    I'm not sure if this is a support question or not. I have a humor blog and post regularly. when I look in the WordPress "Tags Right Now" section and select "humor" my posts don't seem to show up there. Can anyone advise on how I can get my posts recognized? I find it is a great area to find new blogs and would like get my face up there!!

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might be able to offer

    The blog I need help with is

  2. foodhere,

    Sorry, I don't know 'Wordpress "Tags Right Now" section' but your blog is quite new, and general categories and tags like "humor" (or actors, Blagojevich, celebrity rehab, Dustin Diamond, funny) have got thousands of references on wordpress alone. Perhaps try to tag more specific links, but not too specific.

    You ARE showing up in the tag search (click on the tags under your individual posts):

    You can safely use 10 to 12 categories and tags per post, so consider them well. Also, give your images more descriptive names. Google image search has brought me quite a few hits.

  3. Thanks 1Tess. You are always so helpful. I'll take your advice.

    The "Tags right Now" section I meant was really just an area on the homepage that shows a tag cloud of all the things people are blogging about. If you click on any one of the tags, it takes you to a list of all of the new posts that have come out. It will show the post title, gravator, tags and show you how long ago it was posted. Sorry, I'm likely not describing this well. Anyway, thanks again for your help.

  4. Yes i thought as much. You are most gracious.
    do add good titles to your pictures. Google will find them.
    best wishes in your blogging.

  5. Same to you 1Tess and thanks again for the help

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