Right side of image border not appearing

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    Hiya :)
    I’m using Bueno theme, and I’ve got it set so that a 3px black border appears around images in my posts. I set the max width for images to 864, but when I post images at 864 px wide now the black border doesn’t appear around the right side of the image though it does appear around the other 3 sides. I have tried changing the max width to 867 to account for the 3 px border, and also tried changing the display width of images to 861 when I insert media but neither of those have fixed the problem.

    Grateful for advice! Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is photomadly.wordpress.com.


    I tried changing the display width of images to 861 when I insert media.

    If the max-width for images is set to 861px and you add a 3px border, then the final width for that element should be 867px. You adjust it by 6px because 3px is taken up on both the left and right side.

    However, I just checked your blog and I see that the current width for posts is 840px, you have added the following custom CSS to give a 5px black border (which takes up 10px total, and you’ve set images inside posts to have a max-width of 830px.

    .entry img {
    border:5px solid #000000;

    When I view your blog right now, it looks like it’s working how you described you wanted it, so I think you have already figured out your answer and you’re good to go.

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